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Nurhan Çanta was founded in 1969 as a leather bag manufacturing company. The company has been producing leather bags for local multistory brands, which have many stores located in different cities of Turkey, for several years.

The company has started to have collaboration with foreign markets beginning of 90’s. Nurhan Çanta prepares two complete collections of autumn/winter and spring/summer every year and try to market bags by showing in it’s showroom. Bags are selling both in local and in international area. Nurhan Çanta also started to produce synthetic bags starting from 2013 and continue to do a mutual production. Today, the production capacity of the company is nearly 1.500 – 1.800 pieces of leather bags per week and around 3.000 – 3.500 pieces of PU bags per week.

Nowadays, Nurhan Çanta has a solid position in the local market and it has also a good relationship with the European market. Exportation quantity can be determined approximately as 65 – 70% of the total production. Company always has intentions to add new customers to it’s existing productional potential.

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